Who the Hell Am I?

Mickey Schulz is an avid writer, who spends far too much time consuming nerd culture and spitting out feminist critiques, as well as writing fiction. She is history major with a mad on for politicians who have never cracked a history text. She would continue to write even if no one cared.

She lives in Seattle, WA with Three cats, Two housemates, a husband, a dog, and an undetermined number of fish. She enjoys picking heavy things up for fun, and her dayjob involves being professionally nice.

Which probably explains a LOT of these stories.

The name of this blog comes from something my husband said after I read him one of my stories several years ago. "Doesn't anything nice come out of your head?" Then he accused me of trying to give him nightmares.

The answer is rarely. Rarely do nice things come out of my head.

So, here we are