This year, I let my friends choose my New Year's Resolutions. And among the "Be Kinder to Yourself" and "Be the Friend to Yourself You are to Others," I received one that requested that I write a Microfiction at least once every three days, and at the end of the month pick one to expand on.

That's turned into a microfiction nearly every day, and I'll probably have the people who see the rough drafts vote on which get expanded. Sometimes the initial comments let me immediately know what strikes chords with folks. However, with some of them, I don't think they really can be expanded. Those I'll just neaten up the prose and drop here as is. I will also post expanded versions here. Who knows, I may well just post all of it here eventually. I need to come up with some clever tag system for that. Or something.

And hell, some of my other fiction will probably find its way here, as well.

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