The Unicorn

Trigger warning: Allusions to child sexual abuse

Did he hurt you?

Evie looked up at the massive creature stepping into the clearing, a dappled-grey draft horse with a thickly spiralling horn of grey, black and ivory that looked wicked sharp, and fanged teeth where a horse's would be flat.

"No worse than usual." She wiped at the tears on her cheeks with a grubby hand. "What're you?"

The horned horse looked affronted, it snorted, and its eyes went flat.

I am a unicorn, protector of the innocent, guardian of forests. It paused and lowered its massive head to peer at her. I don't know about the innocent part, but you look like you could use some protection.

"Don't need no protection!" Evie snapped.

"Quiet, unless you want it again!" The voice was rough, masculine, hoarse and sloppy with drink.

Evie flinched, and shrank down again, giving the unicorn a look full of hurt for getting her in trouble.

Do you want to get away from him? The unicorn lowered its head and lightly bonked her on the head with its horn. The throbbing between her legs and in her side vanished. He hurt you.

"No. I want him to pay." Evie whispered, eyes squeezed shut. "He'll sell me or kill me soon. And if I get away, he'll just get another."

Up on my back then. Innocence is over-rated. We have bloody work before us. The unicorn bared its long sharp fangs.

Evie stood, and stared up at the height of it.

"I can't jump so high."

Here. The unicorn walked over to a tree with low-hanging branches.

"Evie! Evie! Damn it, come here, girl! I have another gift for you!" The male voice called again.

Evie scrambled up the tree onto the unicorn's back.

"What happens after?" She clung to its long, grey mane.

We patrol the woods, hunt, sometimes there are convocations. The unicorn's skin twitched in an approximation of a shrug.

"Evie! I thought I told you..." The man stopped dead, staring, trousers drooping open.

***Are you sure? ***The unicorn tossed its head.

"Yes." Evie wrapped her hands in his mane tight.

As you wish. Hold on tight. The unicorn reared, and charged across the clearing at the stunned man.

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