"I need you to be sure. Once you start on this path you cannot go back." The woman with the short salt and pepper hair looked Elise in the eyes. "It might be too late already, but once they know you can see them for what they really are, they will hunt you. Are you sure you can handle this?"

"What choice do I have?" Elise gritted her teeth. "He took... My parents and brothers are dead. The rest of my family acts like they wish I were too." She laughs like shattering glass, loud, sharp, no joy in it. "A walking, talking tombstone, that's what I am."

"After the first one, they'll be actively looking for you." The older woman exhaled.

"He, he made me drink this... I think it had his blood in it. I can't not see them." She looked at a spot about six inches above the older woman's shoulder. "I can passively wait for them to kill or I can do something about them." Elise closed her eyes. "Show me."

The older woman nodded, and offered Elise her hand.

"Come on. You have a lot to learn, and unlearn. We will need to choose your name. It will change often."

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