Kyle checked his air gauge, and with a tightening of his jaw decided to follow them.


Plump, yet sleek with the hindquarters of seals or sea lions, graceful underwater, with long hair the same colors and patterns as their coats, and full breasts granted a buoyancy denied the breasts of women on the land. They darted around him at dizzying speed, smiling, just a flash here and there of white teeth behind full pink lips, brown eyes shielded by nicitating membranes.

They swam past, close enough to be visible, then swimming back to him, almost close enough to touch, before turning and diving deeper.

Kyle kept his eyes on them, taking pictures and video, until the depth meter on his diving watch vibrated against his skin. His eyes widened, and he tried to check his tanks.

A clawed hand snatched the airhose, and yanked it out of his mouth. Kyle fumbled for her, but another, had moved in and grabbed at the diving knife on his thigh, and he turned to her. Another came up behind, and pulled his mask off, swimming away with it.

His lungs burned, and he fought not to scream as he kicked up.

And kept descending. Another, smiling sweetly, fanged teeth exposed at last, held his flippers, and pulled him down. He lifted his face to look at the rapidly fading green-blue light above his head, and opened his mouth to welcome the sea.

"Professional Diver Kyle Meriwether Lost at Sea.
The only trace of professional diver Kyle Meriwether was his diving kayak, anchored in a small inlet north of Namu, BC. Meriwether is survived by his parents, Steve and Gail Meriwether, and his younger siblings, Micah, Angela, and Jesse Meriwether."

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