"Does it hurt?"

Violet looked down at the child staring at her leg, the intricate carvings of animals, plants, stars and moons in the oak prosthesis replacing her left leg.

"Not currently." She smiled at the child. "What can I do for you?"

"What happened to it?" The child reached out a finger and touched the polished wood.

"I traded it." Violet kept the smile on her face. "For love. To save the life of the man who said he loved me."

"Did it work?" Large brown eyes went wide.

"Yes, and no. Not like I thought it would. That man left me, saying he could not love someone who wasn't whole. But then I met Anya. She made the leg for me, and we've been together ever since." She smiled. "So, I guess it worked out pretty ok, after all."

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