Devin, Scarlett, Joey, Girl-Joey, Jeffy and Braden all slipped out of their houses after their curfews.  They met up at the junior high track, then walked through fields to where the Circus had set up shop.  During their lunch hour at the high school, a slender woman in clown make up and ragged, pastel satin clothing had somersaulted up to them and handed them a fan of tickets for the Circus. Before they’d been able to say thank you, she was gone.

“Should we go?” Joey asked, looking up the silver-chased blue ticket in his hand.

“Duh. It’s a circus!” Scarlett bounced up and down.

“I don’t know, I mean, when the posters went up, my mom saw the poster and kind of freaked out.”  Braden frowned at his tic;ket.

“What’s the worst that happens? They rip us off for a couple twenties.”  Devin shrugged.

Now, trudging through the already dew-wet grass, Devin shivered.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome!”  The ringmaster, a beautiful woman  with long tawny blonde hair that constantly moved as if being blown by a light breeze ushered them to a smaller tent that looked like velvet instead of canvas, with gold fringe on the flaps.

“We were worried you wouldn’t make it.”  The Ringmaster winked, and everyone in the group who was attracted to women felt their hearts flutter.

“From the shadows around the edges of the tent, Devin heard a voice whispering.

“She looks like you…” Devin started to turn toward the voice, and the Ringmaster slipped an arm around her shoulders.

As the tent flap closed behind them, Devin thought she heard her father yelling her name, very faintly.  The Ringmaster smiled at her, and steered her deeper into the darkness of the tent.

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