Animal Control

"More experience, you said." Kallie hopped down off a wall, and dispatched the werewolf menacing the City's Head of Supernatural Affairs with a single swipe of her silver-chased sword. "Then you hired that fool who fled the second shit got real." Kallie cleaned her sword on the werewolf's fur as the beast started to revert to human. "More experience with what, exactly? Being a dude? Because that worked out well for you."

She sheathed her sword, glaring at him, as he stammered and tried to come up with something to say.

"Nevermind." She pulled a pistol and aimed it at him. The Head of Supernatural Affairs stammered and closed his eyes. She fired over his shoulder, and something hit the ground with a yelp and a thud. He opened his eyes and looked around at the second werewolf behind him.

"Anyway, my rates just went up. And no, you can't hire me. I'm a contractor now." She grinned, and tucked her card in his pocket. "I'll just walk you to your car, and you can think about it. Don't think too long, though. Portland emailed me an offer yesterday." She holstered her gun, and walked away whistling, texting the authorities for a clean up once he's in his car. "Have a good night!"

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