Angelic Blessings

"We are not what you expected."

Ariana knelt, head down, in front of the figure made of blazing white light and dripping pale blue blood on the ground near her. Blood that scorched the concrete digging into her knees.

"You're... angels. I thought you'd help." Her vision blurred, being this close to an angelic form starting to take its toll on her body.

"We are helping." She felt the heat of its smile increase as it grinned, and squeezed her eyes shut, bracing herself.

"Just, not your kind." The mouth opened wide, and Ariana's body flared magnesium bright and was gone. The pale blue blood ran over the scorch mark, and made it fresh and green again, all trace of the concrete gone. Around the angel, others of its kind stood in expanding pools of green and life, eating away at the works of man.

"So arrogant." The angel and its blood moved forward.

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